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John 4:1-26 "I am He"

2017.11.05 11:03

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John 4:1-26

Key Verse: 4:26


Then Jesus declared, “I, the one speaking to you - I am he.”


1. How did Jesus come to Sychar? (1-5) What was the spiritual condition of Samaria, and how did this effect the relationship between Jews and Samaritans? (9b; 2 Ki 17:24-33) What was Jesus’ physical condition? (6-8)


2. Who came to the well? (7) What does coming by herself in the middle of the day suggest about her? How does Jesus begin conversation with her? How did she respond and why? (9) Nevertheless, what did Jesus offer her? (10) What can we learn here about Jesus?


3. What puzzled the woman about Jesus’ words? (11) Why do you think she brought up Jacob? (12) How is the water that Jesus gives different from that in Jacob’s well? (13-14) What might the water in Jacob’s well represent? How do people try to quench their inner thirst in our time? Who can quench our thirst?


4. What does the woman’s request reveal about her change in attitude toward Jesus? (15) How did Jesus’ words challenge her to confront her life problem? (16) In what respect did the woman tell the truth, and evade the truth? (17) What did Jesus reveal about himself through his answer to her? (18)


5. What did the woman recognize about Jesus? (19) Why do you think she asked about the place of worship? (20) What did Jesus teach about God, salvation and worship? (21-24)


6. Read verses 25-26. What conclusion did the woman come to after hearing Jesus’ teaching? (25) What declaration did Jesus make about himself to her? (26) How did it change her life? (28-29; 39-41) What do Jesus’ words “I am he” mean to you?