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John 3:16-36 God so loved the world

2017.10.22 10:35

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God so loved the World

John 3:16-36

Key Verse: 3:16

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

1. Read verse 16. What is implied about “the world”? (16-19; 1:10; 7:7; 12:31) What might we expect God to do to this world? (Ro 1:18) To our surprise, what did he do? What can we learn here about the nature of God’s love? What is God’s promise?

2. For what purpose did God send his Son into the world? (17-18) Who can receive this blessing? (16,18) What is the situation of those who do not believe? (16,18b) How serious is it to be condemned?

3. What verdict do people bring on themselves when they do not believe in Jesus? (19) Why don't people come into the light? (19b-20) Who comes into the light and why? (21) What can we learn here about the nature of believing?

4. Where did this conversation take place, and who was involved? (22-24) What argument arose? (25) After this, what problem did John’s disciples bring to him? (26) Through John’s answer, what secrets did he share regarding keeping his identity as God’s servant and being joyful? (27-30)

5. What is the fundamental difference between Jesus and all other people? (31) Why is Jesus’ testimony credible? (32,34-35) What is the result of accepting his testimony and rejecting his testimony? (33,36)