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John 2:12-25 Jesus is the Temple

2017.10.08 07:39

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Jesus is the Temple

John 2:12-25

Key Verse: 2:21


“But the temple he had spoken of was his body.”


1. Where did Jesus go and who accompanied him? (12-13) What did Jesus find in the temple courts during the Jewish Passover, and what did Jesus do? (14-15) What do Jesus' actions reveal about his character? (1:14b) What do Jesus' words tell us about his view of the temple? (16)


2. How did the disciples understand Jesus’ behavior in the temple, and on what basis? (17) How was the Jews’ response different? (18) Why is it so important to remember God’s word in understanding Jesus and growing as his disciples?


3. What sign did Jesus give the Jews? (19) How did they interpret it? (20) Read verses 21-22. When Jesus talked about the temple, what did he really mean? When did his disciples believe Scripture and Jesus’ words?


4. Jesus reveals that he is the reality to which the temple foreshadows. How does Jesus’ death and resurrection fulfill the function of the temple and the priesthood? (Mk 15:38; Heb 4:14-15, 10:1,19-20) How can we enjoy this blessing? (Heb 4:16)


5. How did many people respond to Jesus’ signs? (23) Why did Jesus not entrust himself to them? (24-25) What contrast do you find between the faith of these people and that of the disciples? (22) What kind of faith does Jesus want us to have?