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We Have Found the Messiah

John 1:35-51

Key Verse: 1:41


“The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, ‘We have found the Messiah’ (that is, the Christ).”


Note: John 1:19-2:11 are an eye-witness account of the first week of Jesus’ ministry. (See 1:29,35,43; 2:1)


1. How did John introduce his disciples to Jesus, and what was their response? (35-37) How does the conversation between Jesus and two disciples clarify the nature of their relationship? (38-39) What does Jesus’ invitation, “Come and you will see,” reveal about his desire and hope for his disciples?


2. Read verses 40-42. Who was Andrew and what did he realize about Jesus after staying with him? What did “Messiah” mean to them nationally and personally? What was the first thing Andrew did after finding the Messiah? When Jesus saw Simon son of John, how did he change his name and why?


3. Review how the first disciples found the Messiah, confessed him and witnessed him vividly in verses 35-42. How has finding the Messiah impacted you personally and in relation with others?


4. Where had Jesus been, and where did he decide to go? (28,43a) How did Jesus call Philip, and how did Philip respond? (43b-45) How was Philip’s experience similar to and different from Andrew’s? How did Philip help skeptical Nathanael? (46)


5. What did Jesus reveal to Nathanael about himself? (47-48) How did Nathanael respond to Jesus’ supernatural knowledge? (49) What does Nathanael’s confession reveal about Jesus? What vision did Jesus plant in Nathanael’s heart? (50-51) What can we learn from Jesus who  helped Nathanael to find the Messiah?