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John 1:1-13 "Jesus, The Light of Life"

2017.09.03 08:01

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John 1:1-13

Key Verse: 1:4


1. Read verses 1-3. What do these verses teach us about the Word? What does it mean that the pronoun “He” is used? Who is the Word? (See verse 14.) As you read these verses, substitute “Jesus” for “Word.” What does this tell us about Jesus?


2. Why does the author call Jesus the “Word”? What is his relationship to the creation? (3, Genesis 1)


3. Read verses 4-5. Who is the source of life? To whom does life belong? What difference does it make to know that neither our lives nor our children’s lives belong to us? What does God’s live do for men?


4. What is the darkness about which he speaks? What happens when the light of God shines into the darkness? (5, and footnote)


5. Read verses 6-9. Who was the witness? Who sent him? What was his testimony about himself and about Jesus? What was the purpose of his testimony? Why do we need a witness to help us to believe?


6. Read verses 9-11. How does the author change the metaphor? Who is the true light? Why does he call Jesus the true light? How did the world respond to the true light? Why this negative response? How did his own people receive him? Why? Who are his own people?


7. Read verses 12-13. What right is given to those who receive Jesus? By whose action are we born again into God’s family? What different kinds of human activity or effort cannot help us become God’s children? What, then, can we do? How can we receive Jesus?