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Act :1-26 "The World Mission Command"

2017.08.27 13:14

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Acts 1:1-26

Key Verse: 1:8


“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”





1.  Read verses 1-2. What did the author Luke write about in his first

    book?  (Luke's Gospel)


2.  Read verse 3. What did Jesus do during the 40 days between his

    resurrection and his ascension? Why did he want to prove that he

    was alive? What did he speak about? (Mk 1:15) What does it mean?


3.  Read verses 4-6. What was his disciples' idea about the kingdom? What

    was Jesus' command? (4) What did he promise? Why did they need the

    Holy Spirit?


4.  Read verses 7-8. What did Jesus teach them about God's plans? What is

    his world mission imperative? What can we learn here about the faith

    of the Risen Jesus? About his concern for all the people of the world?


5.  What does it mean to be a witness? What was involved in being a

    witness in Jerusalem? In Judea and Samaria? To the ends of the

    earth? How can we be Jesus' witnesses?


6.  Read verses 9-11. What did Jesus do next? Why did he leave them

    instead of staying to help them? (Jn 15:26,27; 16:7) Why was it

    necessary for him to return to the Father? How did the disciples

    react to his ascension? What hope was planted in their hearts?


7.  Read verses 12-14. What did the disciples pray about? Read verses

    15-26.  What problem needed solving? Why? How did they solve it? What

    can we learn about unity? Prayer? About God and his plans and his

    way of working?