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Mark 13:1-25
Key Verse: 13:10
    "And the gospel must first be preached to all nations."
1. Read verses 1-2.  What was the comment of one disciple as they left the temple?  How did Jesus reply? To what event was he specifically pointing? How did his view of the world differ from that of the disciples?


2. Read verses 3-4.  Where was Jesus and who was with him? What two questions did they ask Jesus? What were they thinking about?


3. Read verses 5-8. What was Jesus' warning? What are some signs of the end of the age? Why does Jesus refer to these times of suffering as "birth pains?" What should be our view of the world and history?


4. Read verses 9-13. Who will persecute Christians? How can we turn the time of suffering into a time of opportunity?  Why will those we love hate us? What must we do (10)? What promise is given (13)?



5. Read verse 14. To what does "the abomination that causes desolation" refer?  Read verses 15-25. How are the times of distress described? Why must we put our trust in God in these times?