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Luke 20:1-19

Key Verse: 20:17


“Jesus looked directly at them and asked, ‘Then what is the meaning of that which is written: The stone the builders rejected  has become the cornerstone?’”


1.   What was Jesus doing in the temple courts (1a)? Who challenged Jesus’ authority and why (1b-2)? What does Jesus’ counter-question teach (3-8)?


2.   In Jesus’ parable, what did the owner do (9-10a)? What does this show about him? What did the tenants do (10b-12)? In what way does this picture God’s relationship with Israel (Isa 5:1-2)?


 3.  What unexpected decision did the owner make and with what purpose (13)? How did the tenants respond and why (14-15a)? How does this parable illustrate God’s patient love and fallen man’s wickedness?


4.   What will the owner do with them (15b-16a)? How did the people react to Jesus’ parable (16b)? Why do you think they were so surprised?


5.   Read verse 17. How does Jesus relate his parable to Psalm 118:22? In what way is Jesus the stone the builders rejected who became the cornerstone[1] (Ac 2:23-24; Ac 4:11-12)? What does this mean to us (Eph 2:19-20; 1Pe 2:6)?


6.   What serious warning did Jesus give (18)? What did the religious leaders want to do (19)? Why were they not successful?