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MT 5 Jesus came to fulfill the law

2017.05.17 16:52

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(Sermon on the Mount Part 2)


Matthew 5:17-48

Key Verse: 5:17


1.      Read verse 17. What does it mean that Jesus came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets? What does Jesus teach about the Law (18)? Who is called “least” or “great” in the kingdom of heaven (19)? Why must our righteousness surpass that of the Pharisees (20)?


2.      What does the Law say about murder (21; Ex 20:13)? What does Jesus teach about it (22)? Why are anger and hatred so serious? Why should we reconcile with others before giving a gift to God (23-24)? Why is it important to settle matters quickly with adversaries (25-26)?


3.      What does the Law say about adultery (27; Ex 20:14)? What does Jesus teach (28)? What is wrong with looking lustfully? How seriously should we deal with what causes us to stumble (29-30)? What did Jesus teach about divorce (31-32)?


4.      What is the Old Testament emphasis on vows (33; Nu 30:2)? Why did Jesus teach not to take vows at all (34-36)? What is Jesus’ principle (37)?


5.      What did “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” mean (38; Lev 24:20)? What did Jesus teach, and with what examples (39-42)? How had they been taught to treat neighbors and enemies (43)? What did Jesus teach (44)? Why should we love our enemies (45-48)?


6.      In view of Jesus’ teaching, what kind of people does he want us to be? How does his fulfilling the Law make this possible?