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Luke 18:1-14

Key Verse: 18:1


“Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.”


1.   Read verse 1. To whom does Jesus tell this parable? What does Jesus want his disciples to learn? In light of the previous passage (17:20-37), why should his disciples always pray and not give up[1]?


2.   How does Jesus describe the judge and the widow (2-3)? What was the widow’s plea and why did she keep coming with it? Why did the judge finally decide to give her justice (4-5)?


3.   How is God different from this judge (6-8a)? What does God want his chosen ones to do as they face injustice? How can we keep crying out to God day and night until Jesus comes again (8b)?


4.   To whom did Jesus address this parable (9)? How did Jesus contrast the Pharisee and tax collector (10-13)? What does this reveal about their views of God and of themselves? Who went home justified and why (14)?


5.   In light of these two parables, what do we learn about God and prayer? How can you elevate your prayer life, personally and in community?