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Luke 17:11-19

Key Verse: 17:19


“Then he said to him, ‘Rise and go; your faith has made you well.’”


1.   Where did Jesus travel on his way to Jerusalem (11; 9:51)? What kind of people met him (12)? What was their desperate plea (13)? What does this show about their view of Jesus?


2.   How did Jesus respond and why (14a; Lev 13:17)? What happened when they obeyed (14b)? How does this reveal their faith?


3.   After seeing he was healed, what did one of them do (15-16)? Think about each of his specific actions. Why do you think he responded like this? Why do you think Luke noted that he was a Samaritan?


4.   What contrast did Jesus make (17-18)? Why might the responses have been so different? How do you think Jesus felt? What does Jesus expect from those who have been cleansed?


5.   Read verse 19. How did Jesus bless this man (19)? What is the relationship of faith to healing both physically and spiritually? Why is it so important to give thanks and praise to God?