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Luke 22:39-62

Key Verse: 22:42


“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”


1.  Where did Jesus and his disciples go (39)? What does “as usual” suggest (21:37)? Why did Jesus ask his disciples to pray at this moment (40,46)? What did Jesus do (41)?


2.  Read verse 42. What is the significance of addressing God as Father? What was Jesus’ prayer topic? What was the Father’s will (Lk 9:22-23)? Why was this difficult? Who helped him and why (43)? How did he struggle (44)?


3.  In contrast to Jesus, what were the disciples doing (45)? Why were they exhausted? What do we learn here about the importance of prayer in dealing with temptation (46; Lk 11:4b)?


4.  How did Judas betray Jesus (47)? Why did Jesus use the phrase “Son of Man” when warning Judas (48)? How did Jesus’ followers reveal their lack of prayer (49-50)? What does Jesus’ response reveal about him (51-53)?


5.  How did Peter express his loyalty to Jesus (54-55)? When confronted, what did Peter do repeatedly (56-60)? In the midst of trial, what did Jesus do (61a)? How did this affect Peter (61b-62)?