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                           LET THEM LISTEN TO MOSES AND THE PROPHETS


Luke 16:14-31

Key Verse: 16:29


“Abraham replied, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets; let them listen to them.’


* This passage is closely related to the previous passage. Before answering the questions, read this passage carefully and prayerfully. Try to divide it into parts and discover how each part is related in the context of chapter 16 as a whole.


1.  How did the Pharisees respond to Jesus’ teaching (14)? How did Jesus expose their spiritual problem (15)? Why is it a serious matter to justify oneself instead of repenting? What contrast did Jesus make? Why is it important to live before God?


 2.   How do the Law and the Prophets relate to God’s kingdom (16; 24:44; Jn 5:39)?[1] To whom is the kingdom of God good news? What did Jesus teach about the continuing effectiveness of the Law (17)? How did Jesus apply this to the Pharisees (18)?


3.    What are the contrasts between the rich man and Lazarus on earth (19-21)? What characterized the rich man’s life? After death, how was their situation reversed (22-23)? How did the rich man’s request reveal the painful reality of hell (24; Rev 21:8)?


4.    Of what did Abraham remind the rich man (25)? How does the way a person lives on earth effect their eternal destiny? What do the words “a great chasm has been set in place” reveal about the finality of one’s eternal destiny (26)?


5.    What great concern did the rich man have in torment (27-28)? Read verse 29. How did Abraham respond to his request (29-31)? How does Jesus teach the importance of listening to the word of God and repenting instead of seeking miracles?