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Acts 19:1-22

Key Verse: 19:20

“In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.”

  1. Which mission journey was Paul on in this chapter? Read verses 1-3. What was missing in the disciples whom Paul met in Ephesus? Read verses 4-7. How did Paul help them to receive the Holy Spirit?

  1. Read verses 8-9. Where did Paul begin his ministry? Why did he move? What was Paul’s method of preaching the gospel? In the lecture hall of Tyrannus, who was Paul’s audience?

  1. Read verse 10. What was the result of Paul’s persistent Bible teaching? What does this teach us about how to evangelize the world?

  1. Read verses 11-12. How did God confirm the gospel message Paul was preaching? What are some other ways in which God works to confirm the truth of his word?

  1. Read verse 13-16. How did some men try to use God’s power for their own benefit? Why did they fail?

  1. Read verse 17. How did God turn Satan’s attack into victory? Look at verses 18-19. What does this event show about the fruit of teaching the Bible? Could something like this happen today? Look at verse 20. In what way does the word of the Lord spread widely and grow in power?

  1. Read verses 21-22. What does it mean, ‘After all this had happened’? What kind of faith and vision grew in Paul’s heart? How can we become people who are driven by such a vision?