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John 11:1-44                                                                                              2009 Easter Bible Conference
Key Verse 11:25                                                                                                                    Bible Study 1


“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.’”



It is for God’s glory (1-6)


1.    What problem arose in Bethany? What was Jesus’ relationship to Lazarus’ family?  (1-5; 12:3; Lk 10:39,40) What was the intent of their message to Jesus?


2.    How did Jesus respond to the news? How are his love and his viewpoint different from others? What does it mean to live for the glory of God?  (See also Lk 2:14 and 1 Co 10:31)



The world under the power of death (7-24)


3.    Why didn’t Jesus’ disciples want to go to Judea? (7,8) What did Jesus teach his disciples about life and death? (9-10; 11-13) (1Co 15:44b; Mt 9:24)


4.    How did Jesus help his disciples? (14-15) What was the attitude underlying Thomas’ decision? (16)


5.    Read verses 17-22. What situation and general atmosphere did Jesus find in Bethany? What promise did Jesus give Martha? (23)



Christ, the Resurrection (25-44)


6.    What is the meaning of his teaching about himself? (25,26) (See 1 Pe. 1:3-4) How did Martha respond? Mary?


7.    Read verses 33-37. How did Jesus feel? Why was he so troubled in spirit? Why did he weep?


8.    What happened at Lazarus’ tomb? How and why did Jesus pray? How could they and how can we see the glory of God? (4,40)