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2009 YDC Lecture 2 - Luke 10:29-37

2009.01.07 19:35

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Luke 10:29-37
Key Verses: 10:37

1. Read verses 28-29. Why did the man not stop there? (29) How could he justify himself with such a question?

2. Read Jesus’ Parable of the Good Samaritan (30–35). What happened to the traveler? What kind of men were the first two who encountered him? What did each of them do? Why?

3. Who was the third man? What was his initial response to the wounded man? How was he different from the priest and the Levite? Why would it be shocking to Jesus’ audience that this third man was a Samaritan? Note how he took care of the wounded man (34,35). What can we learn from this?

4. What question did Jesus ask the expert? (36) How was it different from the expert’s question? (29b) How did he answer Jesus? (37a) What did Jesus tell him? (37b) What can we learn in this study about how we can truly love God and others? Why must we?