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Mathew 28:19-20a; Key Verse: 28:19a
“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations.”

The Risen Jesus planted Resurrection faith in the heart of his disciples who were fragile in faith. (1-15) After his resurrection, Jesus received all authority in heaven and on earth. (18) This means Jesus could rule the world with power and authority and become the judge of the living and the dead. Jesus is the King of kings who is in charge of all people’s life and history. Now this Risen Jesus promised the eleven disciples to give them commend. What kind of command did Jesus give his disciples?

First, Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations. (19a) Look at verse 19a. “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations.” After Jesus planted resurrection faith, Jesus asked his disciples to go out and make disciples of all nations. In order to practice Jesus’ great commission, the first step is to go out a foreign country as a missionary and stay there. Exactly 40 years ago, the first UBF nurse missionaries came to Germany. They had to face many difficulties to overcome the cultural barrier and language barrier. But as the first step in accepting Jesus’ great commission, these nurse missionaries went to their mission fields and tried to master the language and overcome culture shock by prayer.

The second step is to make disciples of all nations. Jesus did not just call 12 disciples and preach to them. He trained them as disciples. Therefore, we must not only plant the words of God, but also train disciples of Jesus. This is Jesus’ command. Some people think making disciples of Jesus is the special mission purpose of only UBF. But it is not. It is Jesus’ Great Commission which all servants of God must obey. These days, those who are retired from their jobs in UBF become missionaries again and go out to other countries as silver missionaries like M. Isaac Lim, M. Moses Chang and Dr. Joseph Chung. Young leaders also go to other countries as short term missionaries. This means old or young can go to other countries as missionaries.

Second, Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. (20a) Look at verse 20a. “Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” We Christians must teach people how to obey the words of Jesus. Here we learn what the Risen Jesus’ heart’s desire is. He wants all peoples of all nations to obey the word of God, which gives them eternal life.

In order to raise disciples, we must not only teach the word of God, but also help them to obey it. It is not easy for us to have 1:1 Bible study with young students. And it is hard to teach them to keep and obey the word of God. Therefore, we recognize that raising disciples is not an easy task. However, we must make a deep love-relationship with our Bible students like Jesus, teach them the word of God, and help them obey it. Let’s pray that we may raise 10,000 missionaries by 2041 and send them out to all people of all nations.

In conclusion, Apostle Paul’s time was like our time, facing post modernism, materialism and hedonism (Ro. 1:18-32). Home-sex, hedonism and idol-worship reached to its extreme extent and Apostle Paul was challenged by these greatly.

But Apostle was not shrieked back. He challenged the time with intensive Bible study and raising disciples of Jesus as tent-making missionary. Likewise, God established salvation work in this corrupted and idol-worshipping Europe through the gospel-centered servants of God like Apostle Paul.

Now I would like to give three prayer topics
First, We must concentrate on one-to-one and intensive Bible study.
Second, We must concentrate on disciple-making ministry.
Third, Please pray to pioneer all European campuses and Muslim countries.

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